Based in New Jersey, With my Bachelors in Journalism & Marketing.

Received my yoga teaching certification from Caribe Yoga Academy, Puerto Viejo Costa Rica.

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A Weekend in the Mountains With You

Aug 29, 2020

They were enjoying the view, while I was enjoying them.

Our little getaway at Scribner’s Catskill Lodge was everything that we needed and more.. especially with all the chaos going on in the world today.

Feels good to be stepping back into our normal routine, even if it looks a little different than before. Always grateful.

Social Distancing. The New Way Of Life.

Aug 24, 2020

Past few months have been tough.. they’ve been tough for everyone. As we all are try to get used to this new way of living, we need to reflect on what all this has taught us, take some time, reflect, and make room for what is most important to you.

Now more than ever we know that life is short, so spend it with those you love, do things that light up your soul, make this life count.