Lost & Found

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Lost & Found

She didn’t know where she was going
She didn’t know where she was headed
All she just wanted was to keep on growing
And in this world filled with pain and lies
You can find such peace by just staring into her eyes
And no matter how many times her heart was broken
She was always that beautiful person, so soft-spoken
But there are so many things people just don’t know
All these years, all the smiles, it was all just a show
How could it be that a girl who loved God SO much
Ache and cry for any affection or just one touch
Searching for love in all the wrong places
Empty hearts, strange faces, and false embraces
She was lost
And she didn’t care to think that all of these careless decisions would come at such a great cost
She was young, she was naive and she gave in to temptation
Turning away from genuine love and her true salvation
Now here I am
Trying to find my way back
Doing everything I can to walk in the right track
And I will not be the same girl as before
Because he is my refuge, my shield and I have put my hope in his word.

Thank you for reading!

Love Estef,



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