let’s talk about trust baby..

We all know that if you are starting off a relationship with someone new the main thing that you two are trying to build is the trust. You want to be able to trust your significant other so that you are not always having to doubt them and so that they are not always having to doubt you. Both of you agree that to be able to trust each other you have to be honest with one another and both of you have set boundaries of what breaks the trust. Now you two are happily in love and everything is going great. (the honeymoon phase). You see, everything is fine till one of you in the relationship is faced with a situation where your morals are put to the test. What happens at this moment all depends on how this person decides to handle this situation. Some people are able to say “You know what this isn’t worth it” and walk away from this situation (good for you!) and they avoid the catastrophic mess that this all could have caused. THEN we have people who in the heat of the moment act without thinking of how much they are hurting the other person and the consequences that come along with this. So what happens when the trust is lost? Once you or the other person have done something that breaks the trust that you two have built between one another, no matter how hard or how much you try to fix and save your relationship, it’s just not going to work.

Trust is like the backbone of a relationship and once it’s broken you can try fix it but things will never be the same as before. One of you will always doubt the other person and that will lead to constant arguments about pointless things and then your relationship will end up stressing you out more than it is supposed to. This is why trust is so important in any relationship that you have. To those who are reading this and it’s not to late for you, or maybe you are starting off a new relationship. Make sure that if you have your companions trust you need to remember that they have yours. So when you act upon something you have to keep in mind and ask yourself if you are hurting your partner. Your relationship should honestly be a safe haven from the world, so both of the people in the relationship should make the effort to make it work and not break the trust. Make sure you love your companion and remind them everyday how much they mean to you. Thanks for reading!

Love stef,


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