Mount Tammany

Over the summer I tried a lot of new different experiences, from something as little as stand up paddle boarding to something scary like skydiving. Every experience really taught me something and visiting new places is always fun. If I could I would do this summer all over again.

Exploring and making memories with wonderful people is honestly what makes life better. This was on a hot summer day, me and some friends decided to climb this mountain for fun. It was a pretty hard hike, probably super easy for others who hike often but I never hiked something so steep. The mountain is about 1,526 feet tall, and it over looked the Delaware Water Gap and the view was beyond beautiful.

Fussing and fighting when I made it too the top of the mountain the view was just breathtaking. I believe everyone should take some time away from their everyday life and become one with nature. When was the last time you spent the day outside?

Unless you’re stuck at home because there is about 3 feet of snow outside (anyone in Jersey or NY) then you should grab a couple of friends and explore your surroundings. Surrounding yourself with people who make you better everyday is something we should all be doing.

Down below I added some pictures of this hike and Mount Tammany! Feel free to follow my Instagram and see more pictures! (it’s stef_forever_runs)

Thanks so much for reading!!

Love Estef,