Beauty Product Review

You know I love me some good beauty products. I’ve always heard and walked past The Body Shop, but never really stopped and taken a look inside. So I had decided to stop in one day and wanted to buy everything in that store.


What automatically hooked me is that all of the products are inspired by nature. Everything that they sell is made to benefit the earth and your body. I’m writing a review of the different products that I bought, to let you guys know if it’s worth the buy.

All of these products are perfect for a “beauty night”. This is for all my hard working ladies, buy yourself a nice face mask, body scrub and indulge in self-love.


First we have the Himalayan Charcoal mask.

This is by far my favorite mask ever! The packaging is super nice, it was a little messy to put on but they offer brushes to help you apply the mask (I was being to cheap to buy one). Once you put the mask on you can feel it drying and it feels so refreshing on your face. After 15 minutes I washed off the mask and my face felt so brand new. My face felt so soft, looked so clear, I loved the results! So this is definitely a keeper.

This is a gel cream which also works as moisturizer. They have different ones, for all skin types, whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or in between, they will have a moisturizer for you.

In the summer my skin gets super oily, so this gel cream actually worked amazing and did it’s job. It doesn’t make your face feel to oily, but it doesn’t make your face to dry either.

Another keeper. 


This is a cleansing brush. I honestly don’t like using brushes on my face because most of them are way too harsh. This one says “super soft” so I wanted to give it a try.

I wasn’t disappointed at all! I used this brush with one of favorite cleansers, and it is so soft. The bristles are so smooth and it was so gentle on my face, absolutely loved it.  #keeper 

I also bought a body lotion, and it left my skin so soft. I fell in love with all of the products and definitely recommend them.

With love,

Estef ❤