Deep breaths

Deep breaths


Last week I went on a little camping trip with a few friends, although it was here in Jersey it felt so good to disconnect and get away for a few days. I had completely forgotten the positive influence that a small getaway can have on your attitude. I have been working two jobs all summer, waking up early, coming home super late, so trust me when I say… I needed this mini trip.

When an old friend messaged me about this trip, you better believe I was 100% down.

I don’t think we realize how much we overwork ourselves. Putting all of our precious energy into a job, but won’t even take the time do the things that we really enjoy. Things that make us feel alive inside.

I am a huge advocate of finding inner peace and doing the things that set your heart on fire. It saddens me to think, I lost sight of that. Focusing on making that money. Now don’t get me wrong.. there isn’t anything wrong with making that money. Just have to know when to take a break from it all.

Take a deep breath, plan a little getaway with your favorite person and indulge in the gifts that mother nature offers us.

With that said I hope you all had an amazing summer, experienced something new, met some great people, or just appreciated the little things.

Thanks for reading.

With love, Estef


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